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Event Date: 06/17/2017
20th Annual Juneteenth Pageant (Website)
Delaware Juneteenth Association
Sandy Clark
PO Box 10692,
Wilmington, DE 19850 USA
Mobile: 3028985091

Join us for our 20th Annual Juneteenth Pageant! This year, we will host TWO separate shows, one for young men and one for young ladies.

Thursday, June 15th we will host our Male Talent Showcase Competition for our young men ages 8-18.

On Saturday, June 17th, we will say farewell to our current Miss Juneteenth 2016, Miss LaJe'a Bell and crown our 2017 Miss Juneteenth winner. Also, we will announce the winner from the Talent Showcase.

Come support our young people as we are working hard to keep them engaged in positive activities as they will be our future leaders!

See you there!!!

*****Tickets $10 covers both nights****