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2011 Tea Party Juneteenth Special Announcement



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Dear Tea Party Leaders:

Since its inception, the "Tea Party Movement" was a thorn in the side of the opposition. With very little to criticize naturally, the opposition chose race and continues to use this issue to try to divide Americans of all races. Creating distrust with Americans of different ethnic backgrounds keeps all us from working together as citizens to deal with very serious issues confronting our nation. This is an age old tactic called "divide and conquer". We can not let this continue if we are going to change the current tide toward destruction.

The race card is an old distraction used by the Liberals and is a very simple strategy used to confuse and distract their opponent. In order to transform Americans into "Global Citizens", Liberals must find a way to divide and conquer to follow their true goal of control of money and power with redistribution of wealth and socialism as the outcome. Every time American Patriots focus on anything like race, instead of keeping America free, secure and employed, Liberals win, leading to legislation damaging America. Many times this legislation is passed silently in the night. Once distracted by false accusations like race, our freedom erodes in an avalanche of Bills and regulations. We must understand Liberal strategy, remain calm and show our love of FREEDOM, America, GOD, our families and neighbors by our actions.

It is for that reason, we want to introduce you all to the National Juneteenth Observance Foundation (NJOF), chaired by Rev. Ronald V. Myers, Sr., M.D., embraced by Frantz Kebreau with the Uniting America Foundation, Karen Schoen, with the Pan Handle Patriots & Agenda 21 Today and Stephen Hunter with Tea Party Solutions.

The "Modern Juneteenth Movement", through the leadership of Dr. Myers, has chosen the "19th of June", 1865 as the second most important date to celebrate freedom in American history. It was the day that freedom from slavery was announced by Union General Gordon Granger through the reading General Order #3 in Galveston, Texas. It took over two and a half years for the news of freedom, through the Emancipation Proclamation that was signed by President Abraham Lincoln, to reach the southwest region of Texas, the last geographic region in America where slavery was tolerated.

Juneteenth, the "19th of June", is also known as "Juneteenth National Freedom Day". Freedom is the common bond that binds all Americans. Juneteenth completes the cycle of Independence Day Celebrations in American history, beginning with the "4th of July" and completed by the "19th of June".

We should all remember slavery, the purest form of tyranny, as a horrific blight on our history, never let it be erased from our texts and never be allowed to be repeated. When we study the history of slavery we find that all races had a share in its implementation and practice. Slavery is not a "black vs. white" issue but rather a "good vs. evil" issue.

Our Independence Day, celebrated on the "4th of July", started America on the path to Freedom. Juneteenth, celebrated on the "19th of June", finally guaranteed Freedom for all Americans. Therefore, let us welcome all our neighbors as Americans first, celebrating Freedom as united Americans citizens. Let us stand together against the use of racial identity, African Americans, Latino Americans, etc., to prevent us from being called simply, "Americans".

Together we can eliminate the words that are designed by the opposition to keep us divided. Let us come together in support of words of the "America First Initiative" (see below). Let us join with our fellow Americans in celebrating Juneteenth as the Celebration of Life and Freedom throughout the country.

There are hundreds, perhaps over a thousand, Juneteenth Celebrations all over our nation. Please contact Dr Myers (see below) who will identify a Juneteenth coordinator in your area to contact area Tea Parties. Please contact Frantz Kebreau who will bring the Uniting America Tour to your area. Once Juneteenth members participate with Tea Parties and Tea Party members participate in Juneteenth Celebrations, it will be very difficult for anyone to play the race card again.

Currently 37 states, the District of Columbia and the U.S. Congress have recognized Juneteenth as a state holiday, state holiday observance or special day recognition. Juneteenth, the "19th of June", and the National Day of Reconciliation and Healing From the Legacy of Enslavement, observed on the "3rd Friday in June", continues to bring all Americans together to celebrate life, freedom and promote reconciliation and healing for the nation.

The rest is up to us. So let's go to work and show the world that we are Americans First.


I am an American First
I hold no other god before MY GOD
I hold no other family before MY FAMILY
I hold no other country before MY COUNTRY
I am not a Hyphenated American

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Karen Schoen
"Knowledge is Power - The Gulf Speaks"
Florida Panhandle Patriots
O: 850-773-2415
C: 954-864-0530
F: 850-303-0029
e-mail: kbschoen@bellsouth.net
web sites: agenda21today.com

Rev. Ronald V. Myers, Sr., M.D.
Founder & Chairman
National Juneteenth Holiday Campaign
National Juneteenth Observance Foundation (NJOF)
National Juneteenth Christian Leadership Council (NJCLC)
National Association of Juneteenth Jazz Presenters (NAJJP)
O: 662-247-3364
C: 662-392-2016
F: 662-247-4767
e-mail: JuneteenthDOC@yahoo.com
web sites: www.NJOF.org

Frantz Kebreau
Founder - Uniting America Foundation
National Director - The National Association for the Advancement of Conservative People of All Colors (NAACPC)
e-mail: frantzkebreau@live.com
web sites: www.Stolenhistory.com
video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntCroHuiPnU

Stephen Hunter
"Educate - Motivate - Activate"
e-mail: shuntersr@netzero.com
web sites: teapartysolutions.com


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